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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Fri Jan 5 00:11:22 CST 2007

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 12:05, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Jan 1, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > He's aparently not as crazy as I am to have some x-ray gear at home
> > (then again, I've never used it partly because I don't know enough
> > about
> > dosages to determine what's safe, and how much to use to expose film
> > properly, etc).
>    What type of equipment do you have, if you don't mind my asking?

Sorry, replying slipped my mind.

I've got some old lab X-ray gear (well, just the transformer tubes, and 
tube housings to direct the beam) from uni surplus.  At one point, I had 
of pair of 240V in, 60kV peak output transformers, which I wired 
out-of-phase to make a 120kV spark between them (they're big, and 
oil-filled).  They produced a pretty nifty effect, until one of the 
transformers developed an open winding... (I had to use one of the 
lower-power input taps on the transformers, to use them both on a single 
30A 240V circuit.)  I guess that they're designed for pulsed use, and 
the x-ray tubes draw less power than a straight arc does. :)

I've also got two (I think... might be one) rackmount 60kVDC power 
supplies to drive x-ray tubes, in x-ray scanning equipemnt (shove a 
sample in, and it scans the sample with x-rays, somehow).  Due to Purdue 
policies, X-ray equipment is normally "disabled" (wires cut at least, 
now they usually pull out boards), so it's harder to get intact 
equipment.   But, they generally leave the power supply intact, and the 
x-ray tube is still usable if you solder on some extensions to the wires 
they cut off.

I got a bigger x-ray transformer box (the tube was shattered from 
moving), but even with the oil out, it was way too heavy to move around, 
so I ended giving that back.

They also had some Ion Implater units, which I was hoping to snag one of, 
and had planned to snag one, with a 200 - 500kVDC output (Can't remember 
for sure anymore) and a beefy 3phase input with some nice controls on it 
for voltage/current adjust.  They looked like they were practically new 
Varian units, donated by Intel, but they weren't what the Donatee 
expected to get, so they got sent out.

At about 3000lbs for each, I had no way to move them, and they ended up 
getting scrapped instead. :/

The next time I see a >200kVDC power supply, I'm gonna have to try to get 
it.  Imagine the size of the jacob's ladder you could make with that. ;)

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