Ebay: HP 82045A Thermal Paper

John Robertson jrr at flippers.com
Fri Jan 5 16:59:03 CST 2007

At 7:15 PM +0000 1/5/07, Tony Duell wrote:
>  >
>>  I am interersted in buying some thermal paper for a Hewlett Packard
>>  printer.  Can you give me any help?  My email at home is btu68 at aol.com.
>What model of HP printer, and is there anything special about the paper
>(sproket holes, for example{ ?

Indeed, if it does not have sprocket holes then take a roll of 
thermal FAX paper and get it cut to size...

I had a bunch of rolls of plain 20 pound paper made for me for an 
application (Computerized Photobooth from the late 70's) - these 
needed to be perforated and a certain width - off-size. Was not TOO 
expensive ($700US) for ten rolls - 12.5" X 2000ft each as I recall. 
So if there is any demand for this thermal paper then he might want 
to consider having some made to order.

Thermal paper does have a shelf life as well. Ten year old thermal 
FAX paper rarely works in my experience.

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