Stuff to give away UK

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Fri Jan 5 15:18:29 CST 2007

I have some more stuff to get rid of now. There are:

3 Vaxstations
Some Amstrad CPC's
Manuals I don't have equipment for :

Tektronix 475 oscilloscope calibration and diagram supplement
la120 letter  printer programmer ref guide
tektronix 475 oscilloscope service manual
beckmen industrial circuitmate 9020 osilloscope operaters manual x3
cosser instruments model 3122 oscilloscope operating manual
cosser instruments model 3100 oscilloscope operating manual
cosser instruments model 3102 oscilloscope operating manual
some vt100's with no keyboards
Lots of sparcstation IPC's

Apart from the manuals anything not picked up will have to be skipped.

Stuff not so free. I would like some cash for, anything sensible will
be accepted. Would also accept storeage of other items for a year or
two ;)

vax 4000/500 with external 10x external drives (all with scsi->dssi
convertors) (in half rack)
vax 4000/705A with external 5x dssi drives. (In standard case)
Dual head octane with 1gb memory.
vaxstation 4000/90.

The stuff is located in Soho at the moment. It could move to Kent if
not picked up soon.


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