House cleaning! Everything must go!

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There's a product called Rubber Renu that works wonders with the pickup
rollers, they get plugged/glazed with paperdust after a while, and the
rubber renu cleans them up and leaves them just slightly tacky like when
they shipped from the factory.  Other feed problems are with the cork
separator pads....

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> It is normally an easy repair. You need to replace the (D-shapped) pickup
> roller. Eitehr the complete pickup shaft assembly, or if you want to save
> money and do a little more work, just the roller (the latter is what I
> always do). It's a common problem on SX printers.

    Tony, do you have an EASY source for these rollers? I have 3 or 4 SX 
printers that I'd love to donate to some charity, but all have the same 
problem. All of them were rebuilt by me (I have some articles written on about the HP2/3 and HP4/5) but these rollers are impossible to

be found in Brazil. Most american suppliers - dunno why - do not ship to 
Brazil. :o( 

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