TRS-80 stuff available in Stockton CA for pickup

Bill Yakowenko yakowenk at
Sun Jan 7 16:47:53 CST 2007

Hey, all,

I've got mail from some guy with a bit of TRS-80 stuff available for
pickup: 3 TRS-80 computers, a TRS-80 5 Meg Disk System, manuals, flopppies,
etc.  If you can rescue it, let me know.  I'll forward replies to him.
He's in Stockton CA, and I've told him we can probably arrange a pick-up
and save him the hassle of shipping.

BTW, I've been slacking on this for about two weeks now, so I'll have to
double-check that the items are still available.  But I wanted to send
this to the list now, rather than checking with him first and running
the risk of falling into procrastination-land again...


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