My Second Mac

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> Earlier revisions of ColdFire weren't compatible with older 68K.  The
> latest revisions are now compatible enough to work as replacements for
> the 68060.  If memory serves, the ColdFire chips that work for replacing
> an '060 are latest two revisions.
> I've seen a ColdFire upgrade board for the Amiga 4000.  It's blazing fast.
> Peace...  Sridhar

The 68060 was quite a bit different then the 680x0 that were released before
it (they started taking things out of the hardware at that point). A 68060
will not boot Mac OS (even with the voltage adapter board used in 040 to 060
conversions for the Amiga) and from what I recall needed emulation done in
software to work correctly on the Amiga as well.

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