My second Mac

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Jan 8 01:04:19 CST 2007

On 7 Jan 2007 at 20:41, Jeff Walther wrote:

> My experience with the Beige G3 is that the stock hard drives are 
> slow as molasses.   The built-in IDE bus is only 16.7 MB/s (whichever 
> ATA that is) but the hard drive doesn't even perform up to that 
> level--at least mine did not.

The G3 now has 768MB of memory and it helps quite a bit.   The hard 
drive's a Fujitsu and not the original. 
> Beyond that, you can easily spend more upgrading than a faster newer 
> machine would cost you on the used market.   That said...

Nah, I'm just trying to figure out the Mac "culture".  I want to get 
my currently unused workstation monitor on the G3 and poke around a 
I ran across a web page giving the hookup and resolutions for the 
Monitor ID pins on the display connector.  I can take it from there.  
I'll poke around the recycling place for interesting widgets 
pertaining to Macs, but I don't intend to spend too much time on 
this, given that new Macs are x86-based.


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