Atari 800, 810 parts (or Apple II) wanted

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> but what were the differences besides the keyboard?
> They must have had similar internals.

Expansion options I would think. A friend of mine in  highschool had both
the 400 and 800 units , but we only used the 800 when we had groups over to
play Ultima III and IV. I snooped around and remember that there were card
slots for RAM and ROM carts under the hood of the 800 but never looked in
the 400.

This site shows the expansion bays (and differences) in the 2 units:

It looks like the 400 was stuck with its 16K? RAM while the 800 can be
expanded more and it has an extra ROM port it seems.

The original series was built like a tank, the XL and later models were not
as good from what I remember.

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