govliq: mux and 26MB BAE/xerox hard drives

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jan 8 13:32:11 CST 2007

I had written...
> > DEC RK03 (or workalike) I believe, looks to be in minty fresh
> > condition :)

To which Al replied...
> Diablo series 30 would be 2.5mb. Can't really tell from the pic of the 
> box, but if they are in the 20mb range they would be Diablo series 40 5440 
> style with one fixed, one removable. 24 sector would work on TI and 
> Interdata.

Hey, I have seen these on PDP-11/03 boxes. Can someone tell me if the DEC 
RK03 was actually a rebadged Diablo 30?

Jay West 

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