govliq: HP servers -- does anyone recognize these?

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Mon Jan 8 15:08:30 CST 2007

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> Richard wrote...
> > <
> > LOT (2) HP SPP31 SERVERS, PRODUCT NO A5081A/ A4830-63001. SN
> > US10076726, US10076544.
> >
> > I don't recognize the cabinet, but it appears to have been stripped of
> > all skins.  Beefy power inputs though!
> That would appear to be a Superdome or parts thereof. HP's million$-a-piece 
> minimum cost supercomputer. Was their ultimate top of the line a few years 
> back, may even still be. Simply awesome box :)

Is this some sort of outgrowth of the Convex acquisition, or is it
homebrew business built within HP?
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