Photos of the EDAX PDP-11/23 box have been taken.

Bob Shannon bshannon at
Mon Jan 8 17:45:32 CST 2007

Right, DILOG, my bad.

I've got seven good digital photos, each 3.6 mb.

One shows the keyboard and alpha-led console thingy.

Another shows the front of the complete system stacked up.

There is a photo of the rear of the main chassis, with all the I/O 
connectors, etc.

One photo shows the EDAX side of the card cage, all built on DEC format
quad SPC style boards down to the metal rib and extractors.  There is a lot 
hardware here, shielded ADC's, several memories for spectra and analysis, 
the display boards, and the Q-bus interface.

Another photo shows the PDP 11/23 section with the 50 pin FDD cable and
the 34-pin and 26-pin ST506 interface and an assortment of DEC boards.

A hi-res photo of the rear of the main chassis with the door open shows some
serious hacking potential!  Just over half the card cage is taken up by the
special EDAX hardware, quad height modules.

The 11/23 sits off to the side at the bottom of the backplane, you can see 
Q-bus section clearly.  Lots of room for more toys, AND the dual height
backplane above the Q-bus is uncommitted, with a ground plane.

Care to add another Q-bus?

The last photo is a close-up of the rear of the disk drive bay, you can see 
of the back of a full height 8-inch floppy, and a half height 5.25 inch HDD.

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>> I managed to dig deeper into this things chassis.  The DIALOG controller
>> does indeed have a half-height
>> ST-506 hard disk drive attached.
> Is it really DIALOG?  I thought it was DILOG? (no 'A')
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