laptops and 5.25 inch floppy drives?

Chris M chrism3667 at
Mon Jan 8 17:15:16 CST 2007

--- Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
> Yes, I recently gave up my Thinkpad for a much
> faster, more modern laptop and 
> am sort-of regretting it. The extra memory and CPU
> speed sure is nice, but I 
> miss all those useful ports that the Thinkpad had
> :-( (modern system has no 
> serial, no parallel, no floppy, and only one card
> slot - oh,

 they do have those usb to serial port contraptions,
and I even see a usb to parallel port version on the
shelves at Walmart (no I don't typically buy any gear
there). I've to date only tried the serial thing, and
didn't have alot of success, though it probably had
nothing to do with it, just my funky cellphone or
software that supposedly allows you to connect to the
internet. All hope is not lost.

> and one of those 
> God-awful touchpad things, and a keyboard that's
> about as good as a Sinclair 
> Spectrum)

 And you don't find that preferable to that blasted
track-point thing? The keyboard on my "old" Sony is
better (i.e. bigger) then this Toshiba's, but there's
no way I am ever going to pay that kind of money for
anything ever again. Of course that was my first new
lt, and in some way of looking at it first "new"
computer, so I opted for the latest and greatest. A
rather sweet 16" (non-panoramic) lcd. But it's in the
pile at the moment waiting for a rainy day. Or make
that week. Probably just a bad regulator board though. 

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