Atari 800, 810 parts (or Apple II) wanted

Curt - Atari Museum curt at
Tue Jan 9 08:27:33 CST 2007

The software for the Atari 400/800, XL/XE systems will all work together 
(some older 400/800 software will only run on the later XL/XE's with a 
"Translator Disk" which essentially overrides the XL/XE OS and copies 
the 800 OS into memory for compatibility.

Some later software would only run on the XL/XE's due to memory and OS 
specific reasons.

The 520/1040 "ST" series is a different architecture and OS (68000 CPU, 
GEM Based OS) and that software is not compatible with he 6502 based 
400/800, XL/XE systems.


Chris M wrote:
> yep, I used the 400 in high school also. Hated those
> things. Utterly turned me off to computers until I
> left hs altogether. They may have had some 800's too.
>  I would like an 800 if anyone has one surplus to
> their needs. Come to think of it I'd like the 130
> also, plus any 520/1040 units (working or not) that I
> could find.
>  Were these software compatible with the later 800xl
> and those? What about cartridge compatible?
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