getting started with your new HP 21xx

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Tue Jan 9 10:26:54 CST 2007

On 8 Jan 2007 at 13:17, Jay West wrote:

> wow, apparently there's no 21MX E or 21MX F short user guide on
> bitsavers. 

They're available from the HP Computer Museum:  (M-Series)  (E-Series)  (F-Series)

The Operating and Reference Manuals are separate for the M-Series and 
combined for the E/F-Series.

> The diag manuals on bitsavers aren't the complete set, nor the latest
> set. contains the complete set 
of manuals from the four HP binders (24396-14001 through 004) that 
accompanied the 24396-13601 Rev. 2040 tape.  What do you believe is 

> I have been working for some time on putting together a CD that contains
> the entire latest (last) diagnostic library.... 

What revision is the latest (last) library?

                                      -- Dave

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