Sun plastics

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Jan 9 13:24:47 CST 2007

> I've used a product called plastic epoxy which includes a solvent to eat 
> into the items being bonded for a better bond. I've had the best luck 
> placing a small piece of metal (paperclip) across the break and spreading 
> an 1/8" thick layer over that.

For plastics that it will disolve (if you see what I mean), I've had 
great success using a liquid called 'Plastic Weld' available from good 
model shops. It's basically dicholoromethane (methylene chloride).

What you do is put the plastic parts together and run a brush dipped in 
the solvent along the crack. For a stronger join, I cut a piece of cotton 
frabric to fit over the hack of the repair, put it in place and 'paint' 
it with the solvent. Then push the cotton into the softened plastic.


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