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 Subject: MicroVAX IIs/BA123s in Demand?
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I have a couple of MicroVAX II systems in BA123 boxes I would like to sell,
hopefully to hobbyists rather than the local scrap guy.  My question is
whether it might make more sense to just pull the boards and cabinet kits, and
scrap the BA123 enclosures.

The first system has fairly standard components, a KA630 (M7606-AF), two 4MB
boards (M7608-BP), a pair of DHV11s (M3104), a DELQA (M7516), RQDX3 (M7555),
TQK50 (M7546), RD53, TK50, and a pair of boards from Ultimate Computer
Corporation.  I think the second system has some more interesting parts, like
a pair of ESDI dives and a Pertec tape drive interface.

The first system weighed in at 125 pounds, which would cost upwards of $150 to
ship across the country from (from the Los Angeles area).  I just do not know
if there is any demand for the old BA123s in the hobbyist community.


P.S.  Apologies to the PDP-11 groups for the crossposts.
P.P.S.  This old DEC hardware amazes me.  I hooked a VT220 to the first system
described above, and powered it up.  It booted right up with MicroVMS V4.7,
circa 1987.
Jeff Shirley
spamalot at mindspring.com
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