KLESI-UA cable help?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Jan 10 10:11:15 CST 2007

John wrote...
> I bought an RC25 (desktop) several years ago.  However I don't have the 
> maintenance prints or any Unibus information either.  You can see pictures 
> of the drive, cable (70-18652-00), and cabinet kit here:
> <http://dundas-mac.caltech.edu/~dundas/retro/DEC%20Docs/Disks/RC25/gallery.html>

Thanks for the pointers John! That cable (70-18652-00) appears to be almost 
what I need. The connectors are right, and it even looks like the plate on 
the end would match up to the I/O bulkhead on the 44. The only problem - 
wayyy too short. A cable that would go from the 44 in the top of the 11X44 
setup to the I/O bulkhead at the bottom of the cabinet... would probably 
need to be on the order of 6 feet long? Surely the right part number 
wouldn't be as simple as 70-18652-06?


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