HP 21MX/F and OS choices (was Lookee what I just got!)

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Wed Jan 10 23:04:19 CST 2007

If it runs in 32K words, and uses IRQ's, there should be no problem.

But the BBL code will be swapped out with a little 'stub' program that will
re-swap the system map, either for another overlay, or to run IPL code.

You get a real virtual address space, registers, IRQ's, DCPC transfers, etc.

Why would TSB be any different than single user HP BASIC (which uses IRQ's)?

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> Bob wrote....
>> How about running TSB out of virtual memory under IPL.  Now you can swap
>> out parts of your system map at will, think of having instant run-time 
>> overlays...
>> Terry Newton hacked HP BASIC to run under IPL, run 'BYE' and it returns
>> control back to the IPL code that called HP BASIC.
> HP Basic... sure. I'd be shocked if you could run TSB under it though.
> Jay

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