rqdx3 firmware

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Wed Jan 10 16:42:41 CST 2007

Josh Dersch wrote:
>> I can't get my rqdx3 to format any of the st-225's I have.  I'm hoping
>> this will solve my problem.
>I've had the same issue, my experience has been that unless the drive is 
>already formatted for a DEC, the RQDX3 won't be able to reformat it 
>successfully (even for drives with the exact same geometry as a DEC 
>standard drive).  At least I never had any luck doing so, but maybe 
>newer ROMs will solve the problem. 

I put in the v4 eeproms and was able to format the drive;  I'm not sure
if it was the eproms, however.

Pretty much all of the posted examples of zrqch0 use for st-2xx drives
were incorrect.  Or at least they didn't work for me.  I started experimenting
and finally figured out how to get it to format the drive.  Basically
telling it not to autoformat and to ignore existing bad block info.

At some point I'll try it again with the old eproms just for grins.

I should post a log of the session (I'll try and make one tomorrow)


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