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> > James B. DiGriz wrote:  
> > > The message below is from August of last year. I just tried and got the 
> > > old familiar CIS user ID prompt. Still can't remember mine, though.
> > > 
> > >  
> > 
> > I *so* wish I could remember mine.
> > 
> > Peace...  Sridhar
> >   
> It wasn't hard to find my CIS ID, however, I don't remember my password. 
> Besides, I've not had an active account since sometime around late '93 most 
> likely, so I kind of doubt I'd actually be able to log in.

Cool, I just tried this and actually remembered my old password (!).  I
got the following message.  Note the "Last access" date.

CompuServe Information Service
02:03 EST Thursday 11-Jan-2007

 Last access: 20:00 28-Sep-98

     Copyright (c) 2007
   CompuServe Incorporated
     All Rights Reserved

One moment please ...

Thank you for signing on!  Our records show that you once
were a CompuServe member.  Please call your local CompuServe
Customer Service to re-activate your CompuServe account [70040,504]
or use 'Sign-up' to set up a new account.

1-800-848-8990 (US and Canada)

All other countries, please contact your local
sales/service office.

Thank you for using CompuServe!

Off at 02:04 EST 11-Jan-07
Connect time = 0:01
Connection closed by foreign host.

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