* EMERGENCY * Shipping Question

jim jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Fri Jan 12 01:37:18 CST 2007

Warren Wolfe wrote:

>Hello, folks,
>     Looks to be
>almost six feet tall, probably five or a bit more, with casters.  Clues,
>            Peace,
>            Warren E. Wolfe
>            wizard at voyager.net
I live in Orange, and go to Earl's (Industrial Liquidators) in Hawthorne 
all the time
when I'm there.  I am in Kansas City right now, but will be driving back 
to LA
next week, and could help if it is still necessary to have a local 
contact to

don't panic if you have problems of any sort, I can press friends into
handling anything they may need, but hopefully they will get you set,
as they are very nice people to work with.  I have shopped there
for 20+ years, and never had any problems with anything reasonable.

I think your unit will be in their LA warehouse and probably will not
be a problem for them to hold for you till you can line up shipping.

I wish I was there as I could haul it to my warehouse and have it
banded on to a skid then drop at either Yellow or ABF docks, which
are less than 1 mile and 500' from my office right now.

Nice purchase.


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