HP11284 (or HP11285) datacomms interface

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 16:53:22 CST 2007

Another of the interfaces I purchased is called an HP11284 data 
communications interface, it's part of the 11285 datacomms option (which 
also included firmware ROM modules for the HP9830).

Anyway, this thing is complicated. It's 2 modules that plug into the 9830 
I/O slots, each contains a PCB. One is stuffed with TTL and RS232 buffers 
(1488s and 1489s), the other has more TTL and 4 custom ICs. 2 20 pin ones 
(no idea) and 2 40 pin ones (maybe transmitter and receiver logic).

The modules are linked by a cable, there's another cable from the first 
PCB I mentioned to the podem (or whatever). It ends in a 36 pin 
microribbon connector, I believe there was  another cable which I don't 
have that connected to that and which ended in a pair of DB25 plugs, one 
for the RS232 signals to the modem, ther other carrying RS336 signals to 
an aautodialler.

My first question is simple. Does anyone have this interface with that 
last cable and could 'buzz out' the connections so that I can make said 
cable, and/or figure out a little of the internal hardware? 


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