a riviting topic

Brian L. Stuart blstuart at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 12 11:02:13 CST 2007

Jay West wrote:
> I've seen riviters working on F18's at Boeing, and it sure appears to be a 
> higher art form. Not sure it's something I could do, but thought I'd ask 
> here. I've seen all kinds of rivits - different sizes - on an H960 I believe 
> there are a couple? Anyways, what tools are required, where can one get 
> rivits, what different types are there, and is it something a neophyte like 
> me who has never done a rivit before can do? I'm looking for the basic intro 
> to replacing a rivit for someone who has never done it.

There's a type of rivit called a pop rivit that I've used before.  I get the impression
that it's not as good a the sort used in manufacturing, but for this kind of
purpose, I'd think it would do fine.  The basic tool is a squeeze handle device.
You take a rivit that has a shaft running trough it similar to a finishing nail
with a bulge on the inside end of the rivit.  You put the shaft into the riviting
tool and insert the rivit into the hole.  When you squeeze, it pulls the "nail"
inward and the bulge streches a cylindrical part of the rivit pressing it against
the back side.  Then the tool cuts the "nail" and the two pieces are tossed.
What's left is the rivit pressed in place.  I think most tool shops carry these
as well as supplies of the rivits.


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