a riviting topic

JP Hindin jplist at kiwigeek.com
Fri Jan 12 11:27:56 CST 2007

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Jay West wrote:
> clears the tab on the outer rack so it can tilt up. At the very back of this
> spring metal latch is a rivet holding it in place. This rivit has come
> loose. You can really only get to one side of it, that's when the cpu
> chassis is tilted up. I believe that in other (more common) rackmount

I agree with Brian L. Stuart on using pop rivets - as long as there's
enough clearance for the head to poke out (depending on the size of the
rivet, 2 or 3mm) and it won't rub on anything.

The only thing I'd add is if the rivet needs to be removed and it can't be
pliered out, you'll want to use a carbide drill bit - or one you're not
worried about. Rivets are made from hardened steel and will ruin the bite
of your drill bit. Of course, perhaps you're more skilled than I am and
can resharpen a drill bit - I've never had much luck at it ;)

If you never plan on doing another rivet in your life, I'd go for a cheapy
pop rivet gun - but the gun makes a heck of a difference in the ease of
getting them in and 'popped', so if you're having a tremendous time at
getting the thing popped, you might want to try a better brand (or find
someone who has a decent one).


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