HP 2117f cables needed

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Sat Jan 13 15:49:16 CST 2007

Your looking for the edge card connector for the 2648?

That's easy, I have spares.

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>> There was also someone selling used connectors+hoods with the rest of
>> the cable chopped off on eBay a while back.  Something like a couple
>> of them for $10.  My guess is that he has more of them but just hasn't
>> listed any in a while.
> I erroneously purchased one of these items thinking it was the same
> connector as for the card edge on the 2648A, but its not the same.
> I am looking for the right connector for the 2648A.  I tried looking
> in DigiKey and so-on but didn't see anything that looked right.
> What's the URL for EDAC?
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