VAXstation 3100/76 configured as VAXserver and NetBSD

arcarlini at arcarlini at
Sat Jan 13 19:12:11 CST 2007

9000 VAX wrote:

> The SCSI connector on 3100 76 is wired differently from the standard.
> I was told that it was because there was no standard when the first
> vaxstation was out. You need a DEC specific SCSI cable to use the
> port. 

The wiring inside the VAXstation 3100-76 may well be "non-standard",
but the external connector works perfectly well with any SCSI
cable which physically connects. Internally there is a single
cable harness even though the internal devices and external
devices are separate SCSI channels. So you cannot replace
the harness (with anything other than the exact same
harness) without knowing exactly what you are doing.

If the external connector has been replaced with an
Amphenol one, then perhaps that was not done properly.

There's a terminator on the harness too - and my recollection
is that without it things do not work well (if at all).


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