Victor 9000 boot floppy,

Chris M chrism3667 at
Mon Jan 15 18:27:20 CST 2007

--- Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:

> As you might expect (it's a Chuck Peddle design...)
> it's full of 6522 
> VIAs. There are 3 on the mainboard (user port,
> printer/GPIB port, system 
> control) and 3 more on the disk controller. Oh, the
> disk data 
> encoder/decoder is very simillar to that in, say,. a
> Commodore 8050.

 I lift the hood on mine and shut it real quick! It's
insides are the scariest looking thing I've seen in a
> It would take me a little time to find the diagrams,
> and as ever I don't 
> have a scanner, but if there's interest, I'll go
> digging and post 
> whatever info I can.

 If you want to make copies and mail them to me, I'll
scan and post them on my site...if I ever set it up!,
and/or forward them to other interested parties.

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