Looking for board for 30GB Quantum Fireball Plus LM

Eric J Korpela korpela at ssl.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 16 11:03:57 CST 2007

I have a 30GB Quantum that I was planning to replace with a 70GB
drive.  I'll check the model number to see if its a match.  I probably
won't get around to pulling it till the first of the month though
(proposal deadline Jan 30).  Let me know if you don't find one before

On 1/15/07, Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at gmail.com> wrote:
> While the drive is not strictly on-topic, the contents are - I have a
> 30GB Quantum drive that did not survive the rigors of the APO mail
> system.  I have to admit I was in a bit of a hurry on my way out of
> Pole and while virtually all of my stuff survived travelling 12,000
> miles in the mail system, something must have shifted in my box of
> hard drives and some of the components on the bottom of the drive are
> damaged and missing.  Sufficient packing materials are hard to come by
> at the Pole, and I was counting on double-boxing and pink bubble wrap
> to be enough - it obviously wasn't.  I think a neighboring drive must
> have shifted and rubbed on the circuit board of this one, causing a
> patch of visible component damage.
> The drive itself does spin up, and gives the expected pattern of
> blinks on its lone LED, but the machine does not see it.  Given that
> there are 3 missing resistors of a size smaller than an 805 package
> (don't know the names of the really wee parts) and a few bent pins on
> a nearby 104(?) pin 0.5mm pitch QFP, the lack of responsiveness
> doesn't really surprise me.
> If anyone on the list happens to have an unhappy 30GB Quantum drive,
> I'd be interested in its board.  The P/N on the lid sticker is an
> LM30A011.
> Worst case, if I can find another similar drive and a scan of the area
> of the board near the LED on an intact drive of the same model, I can
> probably harvest a replacement chip and some SMT resistors and
> transplant them.  The damaged chip in question is badged
> Lucent/Quantum, P/N "MS24C13 34".
> There's no horrible noises from the HDA - typical spin-up/spin-down
> noises, so I think there may be a chance to get at this drive, if I
> can repair/replace the board.  Yes, I know that drives are cheap these
> days - I would just like to get at what's on this one.
> Naturally, the other drives in the box, including the blank 18GB
> workstation drives, are fine... only my boot drive gets dinged.  :-/
> Thanks,
> -ethan

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