VAXstation 3100/76 configured as VAXserver and NetBSD

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Tue Jan 16 20:20:44 CST 2007

Adrian Graham wrote:
> On 16/1/07 22:40, "arcarlini at" <arcarlini at> wrote:
>> spec for the KA43 (system board used in the M76) is dated 16-Oct-1990
>> but I don't have the date of the SCSI-2 spec to hand. Either way,
>> I pretty sure that the M76 SCSI is SCSI-1.
> Oh yes, didn't MicroVAXen of that era leap from SCSI-1 in the 3100-10 etc
> upwards to UltraSCSI in the 4100-108? I don't ever remember putting SCSI-2
> disks in those machines even in the mid 90s - SCSI-2 and wide SCSI stuff was
> always on AlphaServers, though I'm pretty sure a KZ-style adapter was
> available for the 3100-8x and 9x later on.

There were slots in the MicroVAX 3100-9x?  What kind?  I've never seen 
this machine in the wild.

I knew that there's a TurboChannel option for the VAXstation 4000/90.

Peace...  Sridhar

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