My 386 laptop HD is dead. The solution: an IDE to CF adapter

Kevin Handy kth at
Thu Jan 18 14:05:47 CST 2007

9000 VAX wrote:
> The laptop served me as a terminal, after the flyback transformer of my
> VT320 died. (Side info: there are new VT320 flyback transformers on 
> ebay for
> $4 each. But the news is too late for me.)
If you go this way, make sure you test/replace the horizontal transistor 
or you might be looking for more replacements.
> I was facing the question as what to do. Buy a real terminal? Buy another
> 8086-386 laptop? Buy a mac SE? Buy a small used IDE HD? Buy serial 
> cable for
> the HP 100LX I have? Replace the unreliable floppy drive?

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