Jules Richardson wrote on "Digital Archaeology of the Microcomputer, 1974-1994

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 16:50:48 CST 2007

> That's what I mean -- few people collected them at the time for
> collecting's sake.  If you're getting objects for utilitarian
> purposes, I don't think that qualifies as "collecting".

Well, no, but for Ford (and others), it meant for much easier pickings.

Henry Ford was not the only one to do this, but he is the most well
known. Shelburne museum is also well known, and almost as big. There
are also dozens of smaller groups around the country as well, and when
you read the histories of how they came to be, more than a few were
started by some nut that could not throw away anything. Like us.


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