Strange things found in a free SPARC 20

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Subject: Strange things found in a free SPARC 20

> So I get this pair of free SS20s today at the weekly geek lunch at the
> Chinese restaurant down the street - one nice, clean one, and one
> that, um... well... was corroded inside due to an unfortunate meeting
> with a dog, I'm told.

I was wondering what you people think about machines that have been used as
a latrine by animals, do you clean them up or toss them?

While looking around for a spare Mac IIfx I ran across a person who had a
Mac IIx (he thought it was a IIfx) with a DOVE accelerator card in it and
the pictures he sent looked decent from the outside (Mac IIs tend to
discolor badly). Once he opened it up he found out a mouse had made a nest
and used it for a latrine. The guy said he would clean it up, but while I
have dealt with some smokers tar and dust bunnies that look older then I am
I never had to deal with pee and poo in a machine before.

So what do you guys do in a situation where this has happened? How toxic
would the bodily fluids be to chips and circuit boards? I hear rat excrement
can carry some nasty deadly diseases. Any opinions?


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