macintosh retrospect 2.0 backup

CRC technobug at
Sat Jan 20 01:32:43 CST 2007

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 19:18:17 -0500, Brad Parker <brad at>  
> Someone approached me about some "prior art" and I am now looking at
> some 1/4" carts marked "quadra 950 retrospect 2.0 mac os" I made in  
> the
> early 1990's.
> If somehow I could find a working 1/4" drive (scsi) and got it  
> connected
> to a macintosh,
>   Is there any hope I could find a copy of retrospect 2.0?

I have a couple of early copies of Retrospect - they are from 95 and  
97, but don't label their version. I also have 4 and 5 available.

> anyone else ever try this?

You might want to find a SCSI tape deck that is currently supported  
and then try a recent version (4 or 5) to attempt to read the tapes.  
Dantz did a fairly good job of being able to read old backups with  
current versions and I've pulled off some really old stuff when I was  
using 4.

> it's probably hopeless, but it might be a fun ride. hard to say.
> good thing I saved that powerbook 145b :-)

Probably too early to do any good...


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