Sun graphics options (was: Strange things found in a free SPARC 20)

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> There was, I believe, something that could be paired with a CG9 in the 
> Sun-3/early Sun-4 days. Ah yes, here it is: the GP2 graphics processor. 
> VME based, with Weitek engines.

I think I have one of these GP2 things... its a separate pedestal
enclosure with a VME card that goes into the main Sun box.  It was
reportedly a dog.  I have the pedestal and guts but not the interface
card.  I would love an interface card, if someone has one :-).

> Then there was the Leo/ZX option for SBUS.

I seem to remember the "Leo" being talked about while I was at E&S.

> Can't tell you anything about performance of either of these two.

The GP2 reportedly sucked, compared to competitors at the time :-).

> Can't say anything about the really off-topic stuff for the current 
> machines.

The stuff I'm remembering is from the 1990-1995 period, so it would be
"apopros" vis-a-vis the 10 year rule, which isn't a rule, really more
a rule of thumb or a guideline, well not really a guideline, more like
a hint, well not really a hint, but whatever Jay says it is...
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