My 386 laptop HD is dead. The solution: an IDE to CF adapter

Sean Conner spc at
Tue Jan 23 23:20:48 CST 2007

It was thus said that the Great John R. once stated:
> There's a subproject of the One Laptop Per Child project that is
> creating a virtualized swap file with compressed swapped pages. Then
> you could swap to a RAM filesystem. It would work well for
> uncompressed data but obviously it wouldn't work well for jpgs, pngs,
> etc.
> The question would be how much precious RAM to dedicate as swap. Or
> maybe you could swap to a network file system (slow, but might allow
> some programs to run that otherwise would not run at all).

  Um ... 

  Am I missing something here?

  Because I'm reminded of this quote (from my quote file):

Oh boy, virtual memory!  Now I'm gonna make myself a REALLY BIG ram disk!
                -- lennox at

  Swap is to create the illusion of more memory by using a slower medium
(like disks) to backup the physical RAM.  What, exactly, is the point of
swapping RAM to RAM?

  -spc (Not doubting the purpose of RAM disks mind you, just swapping
	to a RAM disk ... )

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