5-6 random vax 4000 cables for postage

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri Jan 26 14:14:33 CST 2007

I have about 10 pounds (weight) of random cables which I believe where
used to connect two vax 4000 boxes.  One end looks like scsi-2 but the
other is something similar but not (I think these connected the two qbuses)

Also there is a round cable with 2x3 .1" blocks (no idea, but related?)

a cable which looks like it goes from a 50 pin .1" scsi header to a centronics
scsi (hint: there is sharpie saying "8mm")

two cables which looks like giant multirow; I think these connected an outboard RX50
box to something else.

I was going to chuck these or put them on ebay.  If anyone wants to pay postage
(10-12 pounds, from zip 02476 in the USA), let me know.

ps: I also have a vax 4000 box I no longer need with some disks and a cpu
if anyone *local* wants to come by and pick it up; it ran vms once.

send email off line if interested


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