Paradise VGA longshot

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> Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > Jim, how about this one:
> >
> >
> >
> > Does it look familiar?  The WD90C11 was used on other cards,
> > including some no-name Taiwanese ones...
> Although the memory configuration is different, that's pretty much it!
> I didn't realize I could search Total Hardware for things other than
> model numbers... next time I'll be a little smarter.  Thanks!
> Sadly, it means I can't use this one.  And on further inspection, many
> of the 16-bit-part-of-the-card's contacts lead to a Motorola LS245, and
> from there, to RAM, so I guess this one goes in the 286 pile.
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Well, I would just plug it in and try it. It will either initialise or not.
I have used several of the earlier (i.e. just post AT introduction) 16-bit
cards in an 8-bit slot and they worked just fine, especially the WD &
Paradise ones. Just because it has some traces from the 16-bit extension
part to a buffer chip doesn't mean it won't work. There is no electrical
danger as the 8-bit section has to be compliant with an 8-bit slot, more a
question of if it will fit physically as it will be longer than an
equivalent 8-bit card. In any event there is one 8-bitter on ebaY UK atm if
you are really worried.


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