need insights on finding big cartons

Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at
Sun Jan 28 19:10:40 CST 2007

In Portland OR there is a place called Carton Services which sells all
kinds of boxes, both used and new. This included gaylords which are
pallet sized boxes 4 or 5 feet tall. Good for shipping lots of
terminals or printers (with appropriate packing). Look for someone
selling used cartons in your area. They often sell bubble wrap and
other packing materials.

You will want to use doubleweight boxes if you are going to try to
ship three tin CPUs in one box. I also recommend at least two inches
of hard foam on the outside of the CPUs.

I also echo looking at appliance and furniture stores. They have large
sheets of cardboard along with leftover foam packing.

I use the foam packing discarded by them to protect large items like
CPUs. Often it is block and sheet hard foam. I cut it up with a
kitchen serrated knife to fit the inside of the box. I have learned
how to cut up all kinds of hard foam, including things like custom
molded monitor inserts although I prefer sheet and block.

I have also had to make my own double weight boxes for odd sized heavy
items. I make a solid foam package (item & foam held together with
tape) then roll it in large sheets of old appliance cardboard. You
have to make each fold independently because each is a different size.
 Also as a result you need to cut the end flaps individually but it
makes an exceptionally sturdy box end. You can make a very tight
fitting box that way which survives shipping very well.


Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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