speed of vintagecomputermarketplace

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Wed Jan 31 09:57:33 CST 2007

First, the obvious - the speed that something sells is a function of both price
and demand AND visibility ... just *had* to get that out of the way :). But what
you are asking is not an easy question to answer since there are so many
different variables.

I fully agree that VCM makes a really good venue, and Sellam's rant seems to be
having the (unintended) effect of more people listing and viewing the site. One
of the reasons I *really* would like to see a link to VCM from ClassicCmp.org is
that I can easily publicize the ClassicCmp listserver on ebay emails, the "About
Me" page (although it hasn't been added yet) without worrying about the two
faced retaliation by Ebay. Some of you may recall the Ebay notices to put out
the information to all the newsgroups, etc. about Ebay and that helped a LOT to
publicize the site; word of mouth about a good thing was *very* prevalent. This
is also what needs to be done to help publicize the VCM site.

How Long
I've had things on VCM for maybe a year or more that 1) haven't sold, 2) finally
sold, and 3) sold quickly on Ebay. Things like books are relatively easy to
research pricing. There are other research tools to help determine pricing on
relatively common stuff, but things that are less common are basically an
educated guess and are set by how fast you want something to move. It is also
helped/hindered by how well/poorly the listing copy is written.

> From: David Griffith <dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu>
> I'm attracted to the idea of listing as much of this as I can at the
> vintage computer marketplace because 1) the people who buy stuff there
> presumably know what they're buying and 2) I can easily list stuff and let
> it be for sale until it's sold.  Does anyone here have a ballpark idea of
> how long stuff would sit there until it gets sold?

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