Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Wed Jan 31 13:22:43 CST 2007

 >> Anyone know any of the XKL folks?
 >> -brad

 >That might make a lot of sense, I believe that the main reason for doing the
 >XKL-1 was so that they could continue to use their existing CAD tools.  If
 >this is the case they likely have it working with the X11 software running
 >on the XKL-1.  Which brings up another problem, I don't believe that X11
 >will run on any of the emulators, and I'm not aware of any copies of it in
 >the wild.
 >Here is a question, is any of this on the Panda distribution from Mark
 >Crispin?  I don't believe so, but then I've also not had time to boot it.
 >BTW, questions of this level would be better answered on alt.sys.pdp10

XKL is a VERY close-lipped operation. You can try contacting Len Bosack.
I doubt anyone lower than that would be willing to commit to releasing it.

Also, the machine was the TOAD-1.

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