Drum vs. Core

Kevin Handy kth at srv.net
Mon Jul 2 15:04:24 CDT 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 2 Jul 2007 at 19:51, Roger Holmes wrote:
>>>> That processor benchmarks about the same as an IBM PC/AT (!)
>>> [somehow I cannot see running 100 terminals off an AT]
>> Was it really that slow! We really put up with a lot back then.
> Terminal speed can mask a lot.  How many ASR33's did IIT run IITRAN 
> to using what, a 16K foreground partition on a 128K 360/40 running 
> DOS?
A lot of the increased speed has been eaten up by the
Graphical Interfaces. Consider that most home
PC's today operate faster and have more memory than a
Cray-1, and can barely keep up with e-mail.

We used to have 30+ users on a PDP-11 with max 4Mb
memory, and now dedicate a Dual Core system with more
than a Gb to a single web surfer. And using an 8 core CPU
machine (PS3), just to play games.

How large would a PDP-10 system have been that had
anywhere close to the disk/ram/... of a single PlayStation3?
Technology has really shrunk things down.

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