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Tue Jul 3 17:05:30 CDT 2007

dwight elvey wrote:
>> From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
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>>   1) The hard disk (Shugart SA4008) drive belt seems to have a habit 
>> of running 1mm or so out of line at startup, resulting in it rubbing 
>> against the chassis beneath the spindle pulley. Once it picks up speed 
>> it sorts itself out, but I was wondering whether there's any 
>> adjustment in either the spindle pulley or drive motor in order to get 
>> it to run a little better?
> Hi
> This is an indication that the belt is slipping. Three things. Either
> the belt is loose, it has dust on it or the belt has taken a set
> from the crown.

Entirely possible - the first time I powered the machine up (after various 
sanity checks, obviously) it worked, but the next time around the belt 
actually slipped off. I ended up turning it inside-out as I figured it might 
just be getting a little worn and might fare better if turned over. It's not 
slipped off since (several cycles later), but I did notice this thing about it 
running slightly 'low' at startup.

> You should try cleaning first. If the drive doesn't retract the
> heads, be vary careful to not rotate the disk pull backwards.
> If you do, it will trash the disk if the head is on the disk.

I figured as much from the warning stickers :-)

> The motor is usually on a slotted mount to adjust tension.

Hmm, I didn't notice an obvious tension adjust on this one, but I'll take a 
proper look when I see the machine next in a few days. Once it was booted I 
got a bit caught up in the coolness of it all :-)  (And damn, that machine's 
loud with the covers off!)



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