Victor Sirius/9000 Monitor

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Fri Jul 6 19:13:11 CDT 2007

--- Ensor <classiccmp at> wrote:

> Hi,
>   >> there is static on the crt's face when you
> power up?
>   >>If there's no provision for an AC plug, then you
> have
>   >>your answer as to where the power comes from.
> Didn't
>   >
>   > Indeed.
> As an aside to this, the Sirius' monitor (like that
> of the later Apricots) 
> has a thin sheet of fabric stretched across the
> front of it (secured by the 
> front bezel) so there is no noticable static charge
> on the screen when it's 
> powered up.

 This is true. I promptly razor-ed them off of the 2
monitors down at mom's. They were so dirty and skanky
it didn't really bother me. But the Vicki, although
also suffering from comparable case discoloration, is
in pristine shape otherwise, and that would mean
altering a prime specimen (considerably?) so I left
it's glare guard screen stuff intact.
 Was there a "Serie" available in the UK? If I'm
talking gibberish, the Vicki is the portable version
of the Victor 9000. Very very hard to find. I so
friggin lucked out when I found one on ePay for 10 bucks!

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