Victor 9000/Sirius 1 restoration questions

Jonathan Gevaryahu jzg22 at
Sat Jul 7 22:22:58 CDT 2007

I have a Victor 9000 I'm restoring here, and I have a few questions:
1. Where do the two plugs for the 5 1/4 drive heads connect? This system 
has the Universal bios, a 10MB winchester HDD with DOS 3.1x and the 
later 1.44MB GCR/MFM floppy installed, but I can only seem to get one of 
the drive heads working (using catweasel on PC to dump a 'formatted' 
disk afterwards results in clear data spikes on one side and the other 
side blank, and format.exe won't format disks properly unless given the 
/1 1-sides flag)
2. The victor 9000 does NOT say anything when I turn it on. I know the 
Sirius 1 did, but I'm not sure the Victor does. Is this normal, or does 
the system need the HC-55564 delta modulation chip replaced?
3. Does anyone have a schematic or service manual for the victor 
9000/sirius 1 anywhere?

I also discovered that both of the victor keyboards I have need 
re-foaming between the contact discs and key plungers, which is gonna be 
a whole bunch of fun to do.</sarcasm> They also both need new snap-tabs 
on them as both of the tabs have the tooth broken off (though they work 
fine other than having to hit keys really hard and the cord occasionally 
falling out of the computer)

Jonathan Gevaryahu

P.S. Does anyone have dumps of the older BIOSes for the system? The 
universal one is the 'last' one of at least three I know existed. More 
than one version of the universal one may exist. The one I have is 
labeled 'V9000 UNIV. FE F3F7 13DB' and 'V9000 UNIV. FF F3F7 39FE' with 
respective crc32s of 25C7A59F and 496C7467 for each ROM. The sum16s 
match the last part of the labels, i.e. 13DB and 39FE.

P.P.S. does anyone have documentation for the winchester disk controller 
it used? I'm trying to make a raw binary dump of the hard drive, 
preserving partition tables, information, etc. and the only way I can 
see of doing it is to use BASICA to poke and peek at the proper memory 
addresses to make the disk do its thing.

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