TTL homebrew CPUs

e.stiebler emu at
Mon Jul 9 09:26:08 CDT 2007

Holger Veit wrote:
> e.stiebler schrieb:
>> Jules Richardson wrote:
>>> I've been thinking more and more this last week about designing a CPU 
>>> to be built from TTL logic ICs, purely as an interesting exercise.
>> Try to find somebody with a copy of the 1974 "elector" magazine (uk).
>> They had a series of articles about a "computer74" which was designed 
>> in '74, and made of 74' series chips. Was a 16 bit thing.
> I have these. IMHO the series is incomplete, though, and has never been 
> followed up later.

You don't have by any chance the "Elektronik Sonderheft Hardware I & II" 
  ? They came out about end '70 beginning of '80 and had some nice stuff.
Even a small CPU/Computer made just out of TTL ...

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