Need Data Sheet

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Tue Jul 10 05:02:57 CDT 2007

>I recently came across a stock of what seems to be 16 bit wide memory 
>But I'm getting nowhere trying to find a data sheet.  Can anybody help out?
>The parts are UM61M512K-15, 32 pins DIP.  The logo is round, world shaped
>with 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines.  Date codes are 95 and 96.
>The parts were on some mini-486 PCBs.
>If these really are 16 bit wide and 32K deep, they would be great for a SBC
>I'm building.  Especially if the 15 means 15 ns.
>Any help for pinouts or data sheet greatly appreciated.

    I have it here, check your mailbox :o) But these are 8-bit 64K SRAMs, 
not 16 bit. Very useful for eprom emulators and small old computers ;o)

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