Burroughs Terminal info

Steve Wilson stevew at ka6s.com
Wed Jul 11 14:33:20 CDT 2007

Hmmm - the MT985 likely uses a polled protocol at RS-485 levels.  It wants to 
hook up to the B1955 Multi-line controller fer instance.  You would hang a 
bunch of these on a multi-drop line.  The Multi-line would throw-out a poll 
sequence and get either an ACK or NACK from each terminal on the line.  If 
the ACK happens, the terminal is then told to send in a block of data.  

If memory serves - it has 3 separate micros in it, and the software running on 
it was written in Pascal. These came out around 1981-2.

Steve Wilson (worked on the B1955/B1965 design)

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