MODCOMP II Revisited... It's running again!!!

William Maddox wmaddox at
Sat Jul 14 16:51:16 CDT 2007

--- Lyle Bickley <lbickley at> wrote:

> 2) Obtain all the chips you'll need up front from
> your "stash" and buying as 
> required. Bag or box them in numeric order near the
> system. In my case, I 
> needed to acquire a lot of chips - as I had very few
> 74H and 74S series in 
> stock - and the "fast" MODCOMP II needed scads of
> them.

Hi, Lyle.  Do you have a good source of mixed-lot or
small quantity 74H series parts?  I've picked up a few
odd lots, but to get any selection, it looks like you
have to go to the legacy chip merchants who have large
line-item minimum orders.

Congratulations on getting the Modcomp restored.
As for the guy who asked about "but will it run
Linux?", I doubt it, but I get you could get v6 or
v7 to run on it. ;)  You have an I/O box.  Does it
have a disk controller for the Diablo 30?


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