Lilith computer running !

Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel jos.mar at
Sun Jul 15 23:44:45 CDT 2007

Al Kossow wrote:
>  > Which means that there is at least one machine with a complete set of
>  > microcode and higher layers avaliable.
> Great news!
>  > with at single RS232 channel, no software and a flat directorystructure
>  > with over 500 entries, this looks also to be quite a task.
> By 'no software' do you mean no development tools?

No FTP, no z-modem , no piping into RS232.
There is filetransfer between 2 Liliths, or writing to Apple-2 formatted 
floppy's. Looks rather cumbersome.

If I could get the Lilith i to remain stable for a decent amount of time 
then I might have a go at writing a Modula2 program for reading sectors 
and dump these via RS232.

The disk interface ( Honeywell Bull D120 ) is unlike anything I have 
ever seen, so attaching it to something Linux box or so is currently not 

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