Interesting hardware and computer intellect

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Mon Jul 16 13:39:08 CDT 2007

Jason McBrien wrote:
> The recent discussion on interesting system architectures triggered a 
> memory
> I have of a documentary on TV somewhere (Discovery? TechTV? PBS?) on
> evolvable hardware. There was some intrigue in the episode, on investors
> accusing researchers of bad faith, or lying, or a scam. Hardware was built,
> I'm pretty sure it was the CAM-Brain, and it was used quite a bit before 
> the
> company that built it went under (It may have been Genobyte along with ATR,
> but I remember the company being based out of England)
> Anyways, this definitely counts as "interesting" hardware. An FPGA based
> computer that optimizes it's own logic based on a given problem. The
> CAM-Brain was built, as was an FPGA engine built by HP, and another in 
> Japan
> somewhere. Here are some links if anyone is interested:

I had an idea like this once.  It involved an FPGA executing bytecodes 
in microcode, and loading gate configurations from ROM for often-used 
bytecodes as it ran.

Peace...  Sridhar

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